Learn Dutch with Ease - Book + Audio CD's

Learn Dutch with Ease (Leerboek + CD's)

This language course is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to learn Dutch in a natural and efficient way.
Dutch is a language that really can be learned with ease if you spend just a little time on it each day!

In just a few months, you will be able to speak Dutch easily, fluently and naturally in the Netherlands and in Flanders.

Professionally made by native speakers, audio recordings of all lessons and exercises help you to acquire a genuine accent. They are valuable: listen to them often!

The Assimil method for teaching foreign languages is through the listening of audio cd's and the reading of an accompanying book, one side native language, one side foreign language. This method is focused on learning whole sentences, for an organic learning of the grammar. It begins with a long passive phase of only reading and listening, and eventually adds active exercises.

What does the Dutch course consist of?

  • 84 comprehensive and progressive Dutch lessons for Beginners (Book + CD's)
  • 150 exercises with key
  • Lively, natural dialogues that allow you to master the Dutch language quickly
  • A carefully designed system of grammatical progression for intuitive learning
  • Systematic review to consolidate what you have learned
  • Fascinating cultural insights
  • A witty and engaging style to make learning enjoyable
  • The package contains 1 learning book and 4 Audio CD's  (total length: 2 hrs 55)

The recordings in this pack comprise the full text and the exercises of each lesson.
They have been made by Dutch actors and voice artists.


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Learn Dutch with Ease - Book + Audio CD

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